Hand Stitching Play Date

Gather your stitching supplies because it is time to get UGLY with the founders. That's right! You can spend 4 hours with us working through some incredible hand stitching demos. We will spend time with each founder demoing their favorite stitched techniques and then you will have time to play.

Now Self Paced and recorded from live zoom.

How long will I have access to watch? The Life of TUAC (we plan on being here like forever LOL)

Who can join? ALL both subscribers and non are welcome..

Supply List

  • Threads
    Embroidery floss
    Cotton Crochet
    Other favorite stitching threads Fibers or Twine
  • Substrate
    Scraps of paper
    Scraps of fabric
  • Scissors
  • Needles
  • Thimble

Tiffany will be sharing easy ways to create whimsy appliques, using a variety of stitches, fabrics and patterns.

Patchwork Pieces

Kristin will have you grabbing those small fabric scraps we have stashed in our studio. You know the ones... those smallest of pieces, but it is your favorite fabric and you just can't throw it away....

We will do some mindful fabric placement and play with composition to create our hand stitched patchwork pieces.

Using Stitching as a Design Element

DeeDee considers stitching an art form all in its own... whether it's a connection tool, the shape, size or color of thread used, the pattern it makes, the type of stitched used, it's position to other elements or even the number of stitches used. Watch a demo with her & hear her thought process behind including stitches in her mixed media collage work.

Recorded from Zoom- Watch and Rewatch self paced course available to all.