Abstract Ugly Art Play Date

>>>March 19th

The first play date of 2023! Let's dive into ABSTRACT art & all it's glory with the founders of TUAC.

4 hours : 1pm - 5pm CST

Demos by each founder touching base on & instructing their favorite abstract techniques with ample play & share time.

Ugly Art Play Dates start as a LIVE available for current subscribed members at a low $24 price point.

After the live has happened, they're opened up to the public as a pre-recorded workshop for $34.

How long will I have access to watch? The Life of TUAC (we plan on being here like forever LOL)

Who can join? the LIVE is for subscribed members, the recorded version will be available shortly after for others.

Tiffany Goff-Smith

& the power of using layers
in your abstract work.

Kristin Peterson

How to use art marks
& colors in your abstract work.

DeeDee Catron

Tips & Tricks on creating

a series of abstract pieces.

Join us for the recorded version: